Creating Space

How often do we think about creating space? Space allows you the room to really think. It allows you the luxury of pondering about things. Often, when we create space for ourselves, we're creating moments of letting things just "be". 

It's a unusual thing to think about as a designer. Usually, there is no space to do anything but churn out work at crazy speeds. Everyone wants everything.. yesterday! We've all been there.  

Lately, I've been experimenting with space in my work. I sent work out to a client for review. Immediately, the client replied back: wondering why the design looks this way; this wasn't what they were expecting; did I try doing it "this" way, etc. etc. Instead of responding, I gave them space. And guess what happened? The space I gave, allowed the client to really think about the designs I provided. Space provided room to try something new. The outcome was amazing! A few days later, the client sent another email, praising the new design, and loving how different and unexpected it is from the competition. 

Have you tried creating space in your work? 

Create Space.jpg